The WiseLED Xtruder light is based on a LED platform. The searchlight is build around a cluster of 7 high power LED (Light emitting diodes) combined with our own custom optics.  The whole philosophy behind the light engine is modularity and upgradeability.  When new and more efficient LEDs are released , WiseLED offers the end user upgrade options for our customers. 

WiseLED Xtruder LED Light Engine

The WiseLED Xtruder are built around a 7x LED Light engine with optional combined infrared and white LEDs available

The solid state LEDs has an estimated theoretical life cycle of 50000 hours.  There are no bulbs to be replaced and no filaments to break. In comparison , an average HID-bulb are estimated to last 2000 hours. In an operational environment they are turned on and off frequently, reducing the total performance and life cycle.

Our LED Light Engine can be equipped in different configurations depending on specifications from our end users.  In our 7 x LED configuration we can combine visible bright light with infrared light to provide additional operational features. In other words,  our LED searchlight provides infrared illumination without the use of external flip-over filters.